This is how it works:

Send a Word document as an email attachment. I'll let you know the price and delivery date, and on receiving your agreement shall proofread the work, using Word's tracking facility, and return the finished copy by the same method.

Rates: For longer documents (5000 words or over) I charge 65p per 100 words. For shorter documents the rate is £10 per hour. In this case, the price is quoted once I've seen the document and determined how long it will take me to do it. My quotes are never exceeded and, whatever the length, you don't need to pay until the work is returned.

Then you'll receive an email invoice from PayPal, which includes instructions on how to pay. Or, if you prefer, you could pay by bank transfer.

Timing is as follows:

Essays and documents up to 6000 words, within 24 hours

Dissertations up to 15,000 words, within 72 hours

Theses by arrangement, but approximately 2-3 weeks

Other types of work, as notified. (But please note: although I improve your language for clarity and readability, I don't do 'paraphrasing'.) 


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