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Whether it's an essay, a dissertation, a PhD thesis, a journal article, a monograph, or a CV, all of which I've worked on, the first thing that will register with the reader of your work is the quality of your English.

Having worked with both international and native English-speaking clients, on material in areas including business, humanities, science, and technology, I have wide experience of making text clearer and more coherent, so that your writing says exactly what you meant it to say.

Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, clear sentence structure, appropriate vocabulary, and smooth continuity convey the image of an assured scholar, leading in turn to greater appreciation of your knowledge and receptivity to your ideas.

Consistent formatting of headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and quotations displays the logic with which you have organized your material, while agreement of your bibliography with citations in the text further enhances your academic credibility.                          

  Let me help you present your work to best advantage in respect of all these features. Improve your presentation and get all the credit you deserve for your hard work, knowledge and vision.

NOTE: I also offer book indexing. Rates are around £2.50 per page or £6 per thousand words, but must see the work, or sample pages with total length specified, to negotiate exact price and delivery time.

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